The default font of Source Insight is rather ugly, and I think this is the style of Source Insight. Yes, it’s powerful, it’s convenient, but it’s ugly. It seems that the auther prefer to keep Source Insight ugly so that only the one who really like it will use it and pay for it, yes, pay for it, Source Insight is not for free.

So, Source Insight is a rather successful software.

But it doesn’t mean the user do not want to make it beautiful. One important problem is how to change the font in Source Insight. I have searched in Baidu and Google, and they only said “ the easiest way to change the font of Source Insight is to change the ‘root style’…”, but none of them tell how to.

Now, I will tell how to. Rather easy: In the menu, choose options-Document options, or use short cut “Alt + T”, then choose “Default” in combo box “Document Type”, this is what most forget to tell. At last, change font by click “Screen Fonts” and “Printer Fonts”, choose the most beautiful font as you with please. After clicking OK, you will see the font you like. But, when can we change the skin of Source Insight?

修改Source Insight的字体:在菜单当中选择 Options - Document,或者使用快捷键Alt+T,然后在弹出的对话框当中选择下拉框Document Type里面的“Default”项。最后,通过点击Screen Fonts按钮修改屏幕显示的字体,点击Printer Fonts修改打印显示的字体。

不过,什么时候能把Source Insight的皮肤改一改?