Today is the last day of Frank, who always trouble me, who insists on the principle, who request strictly on us all. I do feel sorry that I have no chance to show him a well done.

When he left the office, he came to every one’s seat and shaked hands with each other. I felt so accidently that I said nothing but smiling to him while he came to me and shaked hands with me, you know, I didn’t contract with him much. He said “Thank you, Zai Jian!”. When he turned to another colleague, the colleague reply him with “Good luck! Yi Lu Shun Feng!”, Frank confused, because he know some Chinese but clearly that he know little about idiom.

How to explain “一路顺风” in English?

Some one said to them:”Gone with wind!” We all laughed, and so did Frank. Frank said “I’m too heavy! ha”.

Farewell, Frank!