Yesterday, my computer was control by someone else remotely. I download the Kaspersky 6.0 and update it as a trial edition, scanned all my disks, but my computer still can not recover from the disaster. At last, I h***e to format the C disk and reinstall all the software.

Oh, maybe IE is not the real reason, but I he suffered enough from it! Many dangerous webpage target at IE and as many as dangerous plug-in can invade my computer from IE. As I know, there are two other internet browsers which are popular, they are Firefox and Opera, none of them is better than IE. Nearly all the webpage is optimized for IE and they he to optimize for these webpage. It’s clearly that IE support more effects than them, but also more viruses and more Trojan horse are special for IE, maybe all the viruses and all the Trojan horse are special for IE is more extract.

At last, I prefer the former between safety and enjoy. FireFox is open source, I hope one day, I can change FireFox and delete some functions I don’t need so that my old and slow computer can be fasterNow, it’s Oct. 15th, I found that I can not throw IE away and only use FireFox. Sometimes, maybe most time, IE is faster. IE make me feel it is slow only because there are too many plug-ins, if I can run IE it self, it is fast than anyother browers —- As long as IE is on Windows. And there is another reason, many other software which helps me view or get resource from internet, can only work together with IE, for example, FleshGet, can only display “download by FleshGet” in IE if I right click the link to a file.I think the second reason is more esstial reason why FireFox can not defeat IE: most of the viruses and Trojan horse is sepcial for IE, but also most of the other good software is special for IE, too, and most of the users can accept some viruses and Tojan horse if their computer still can run, but they can not le***e the other softwares.